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13 TOP QUESTIONS PEOPLE SAY OR ASK about what to expect in therapy from me that helps me get better at doing my job EVERY DAY (the answer is YOU in case you're wondering!)

Ever feel like you are just repeating your story? And paying for it again, emotionally and financially ?


We listen so you feel heard, understood and respected;


work on what you want; how you want; when you want;


to deliver happiness, outcomes or results.



How do we do that?


We get your feedback on how good the session was for you. And track progress.



Will you give advice? My last therapist only just listened to me.


Ask our advice or opinion. You value honesty. We trust you will decide what’s best.


People only every really do what they truly freely choose to do. Give your self those options. That’s my wavelength.


I don’t know what my goal in coming to therapy is.


It is very common, while a problem may be obvious, that therapy is about trying to work out the goal/s. This is normal like can’t see the forest for the trees, or the tree you need among the forest. Problem is ‘c’ but conversation is ‘x’ or ‘x,y,z’.


How do you handle labels?


We’re not ‘clinical’.  No fancy terms. We don’t avoid diagnoses but you’re not broken.


Rise above labels. We’re all works in progress. Discover you.



Anxiety, Autism, Depression, PTSD, ‘executive function’, ‘behaviour’, ‘sensory processing’. No problem. You’ve come to the right place.

 Just opportunity, learning, something to handle, grow. Feel supported. We can teach skills. Support wellbeing.


Let’s not minimize this.


Your humanity and vulnerability/openess/awareness is your strength.


Borrow us’. Question us. Ask us, we’ll tell you.


We are here for you. There’s no agenda. Feel free to be your self. Have time for you, you need it. Feel that support.


Do I have to talk about the past?


Don’t talk about your past if you don’t need to, or now is not the time. ‘Lean’ into pain/problems where you can. Or ask a ‘key interesting question’. We can help with that.


How do I know therapy’s making a difference?


We benchmark where you are at every session and track how you progress.


How refreshing! Have those real conversations. Let’s be real. Got a goal. Let’s look at it. Got a problem? Let’s talk about it. Need coaching? Let’s do it.


Is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy awesome and the only evidence based therapy?


CBT has some fantastic aspects and one big drawback. It’s fundamental assumption is that your thinking is wrong, and it drifted away from the behavioural (read habit) side and focused mainly on the thinking side (this will feel like you are not being listened to).

 Most psychology marketing at least is stuck in that brain space. My view is that feelings are facts and good psychologists but not all will compromise (which is good) in practice to stay in business. I believe a therapist should always do therapy with people not to  people as if we were some kind of expert running your life instead of you having choice, control and a sense of agency.

I draw on CBT and many other evidence based therapies.



Are we useful? What do clients say? Do you have a set approach?


Are we useful? Damn straight we are. You are paying good coin, we would want to be! I know because I ask.

I am like a coach. The best coaches learn. I am a polymath (expert drawing from many fields). You are my feedback. It is 100% corny to say but you complete me. You ‘practice’ me to be the best me I can be for you.

How well is the therapist’s approach a good fit for you is a vital question. I am always growing. My secret is to ask every session and not be (totally) afraid. Just a smidge 😉


But therapy hasn’t worked before for me.


If therapy hasn’t ‘worked’ before for you, perhaps therapy hasn’t been doing the work, attending to its process, frequently that’s the case. Maybe it’s a case of not being taught the skills. How can you learn if you are not shown. Let’s get it right this time. Clients appreciate my genuine usefulness.

If therapy is not progressing, we will stop and talk about it. If the therapist cannot be open, how can I expect you to be open! I need to practice what I preach.There is nothing that cannot be talked about. I have every confidence in you and me to face this and get through it.


I think I am a special case.


Welcome to the club. You are not alone.  We will lift our game where needed and increase support to get the right progress. We will not abandon you or ”coast’ from  session to session just listening, taking your money and hoping you feel better (which is often enough frankly because therapy is usually so powerful an experience)

Therapy should be comfortable but not too comfortable. The map is not the territory. Trust the process. Never abandon. I recently called a guy for 7 minutes every night for 2 weeks between 6.30 and 7.30pm, revolutionalized his loop thinking, all for no extra charge. Just part of the service.


Summarize Conversations with Owen for me


Flexible approaches that fit. Not ‘clinical’. Where feelings are facts. No ‘agenda’. We’re real. Lean into your fear. I do. Boost support where needed. Go above and beyond.

In cases Turning Impossible into I’m Possible.



Conversations with Owen. We’re personal. We listen so you feel heard, understood and respected. And be relevant to you so we’re useful for you



Why do I need therapy?

Therapy provides space, time and support to help you with life’s challenges, helping you to find solutions. Therapy isn’t a sign of weakness as the demands of life can take their toll. Seeking help doesn’t mean you are weak it shows that you recognise using assistance to navigate life as valuable.

How much do you charge?


  • No lock in period. 
  • Needs NDIS plan approved
  • Improved Daily Living (Capacity Building) for Therapeutic Supports – $193.99 / hr.
  • May be some travel – capped at 20 to 30 mins if home visit
How soon can you see me?

Usually pretty soon. Appointments are made for Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. Zoom Groups are on a Wed 7 – 8 pm. Please call us directly to ask about an appointment is best/easiest. Call 0423 737 018. We will always get back to you if we can’t speak straight away.

Do you offer home visits?
Yes we do within the Greater Ipswich/Springfield Lakes Area, Centenary Suburbs and Forest Lake. Or you can visit our rainforest centre “The Creek Escape” at 58 Hayes Ave, Camira if that is more convenient for you.
What do I need for my session?
Once your appointment is made we will send you an email outlining anything you need to bring or organize for your appointment.
How long does each session go for?

NDIS sessions are for a minimum of 1 hour and go for however long you need. Medicare sessions vary as per above under ‘How much do we charge? section.

Is there any lock-in period to my NDIS Contract?
No – we require no lock-in period. Do as much or as little therapy as you need, with only 1-hour minimum sessions. You decide when you want or need it. We will be there for you.
When will I start feeling better?

Individualised Therapy is important. We listen so you feel heard, understood and respected. Working on you feeling better as soon as possible is the goal, so we measure how you are improving and ask what is working best for you.

Do I need a referral or Mental Health care Plan?

To see us with Medicare Rebates, you will need your doctor to do a mental health care plan for you and fax us a referral (07 3102 6204). You are entitled to 10 – 20 sessions every calendar year through Medicare plus up to 10 Group Therapy Sessions (on the existing referral).

If you have any questions regarding this area, we would prefer to talk you through exactly what you need (0423 737 018).

Does my child have autism?
If you suspect your child has Autism, we are here to help you document the key markers and observations that are essential in preparation for your visit to health professionals for formal diagnosis.
How can I measure my level anxiety, stress or depression?
We have created a handy test for you to take is give you a general idea of how you are traveling right now. Taking a test probably tells you what you already know, but it is a good indicator for you and us to benchmark this for future reference. You can then book an appointment and follow the next steps so we can help you to lower the level of anxiety, stress or depression you have been dealing with.
You can then see the improvement you have made.
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How we Target Relief

You help us get therapy right. Your feedback guides what conversation is being useful and how professional assistance and advice stays on target. We stay centred on listening to you and tracking progress until we get the outcomes you want. We’ve learnt it is really teamwork that makes for great therapy and counselling that brings much needed relief. We are a mobile NDIS registered provider serving the greater Ipswich, Springfield and nearby Brisbane regions.