NDIS Registered Provider & Therapist in Ipswich
Why do I need therapy?
Therapy provides space, time and support to help you with life’s challenges, helping you to find solutions. Therapy isn’t a sign of weakness as the demands of life can take their toll. Seeking help doesn’t mean you are weak it shows that you recognise using assistance to navigate life as valuable.
How much do you charge?


  • No lock in period — Do as much or as little therapy as you like. You decide when you want it or need it. We will be there for you.
  • Same day appointments possible
  • Flexible Venue
  • No Travel Charges
  • Needs NDIS plan approved
  • Improved Daily Living (Capacity Building) for Therapeutic Supports – $193.99 / hr.


  • Out of pocket per dual session visit (child 50 mins, parent 20 mins) – $60
  • Flexible Venue
  • No Travel Charges
  • Needs Mental Health Care Plans for both child and parent
  • No same day appointments
  • Pensioner / Concession: $10 off full priced initial and subsequent session fees


  • Individual Session – at Centre (50 mins): $150 (Medicare Rebate is $75.75)
  • Individual Session – Home Visit (50 mins) $180 (Medicare Rebate is $97.90)
  • Individual Session – at Centre (50 mins): $150 (Private)
  • Individual Session – Home Visit (50 mins) $180 (Private)
  • Same day appointments possible
  • Pensioner / Concession: $10 off full priced initial and subsequent session fees


  • Centre or Home (90 mins) – ($194/hr) – $290
  • With Medicare Rebate of $75.75 at Centre, $97.90 Home Visit if have MHCP
  • No Travel Charges
  • No same day appointments

LOCATION HOME VISITS: Greater Ipswich, Centenary Suburbs and Forest Lake

How soon can you see me?

We have some day therapy appointments available from 10.00am to 6.00pm Tuesday – Thursday because we keep a spare appointment aside each day just for you. Please click on the Book an Appointment to go through to the next step and we will get back to you.

Do you offer home visits?
Yes we do within the Greater Ipswich/Springfield Lakes Area, Centenary Suburbs and Forest Lake. Or you can visit our rainforest centre “The Creek Escape” at 58 Hayes Ave, Camira if that is more convenient for you.
What do I need for my session?
Once your appointment is made we will send you an email outlining anything you need to bring or organize for your appointment.
How long does each session go for?
NDIS sessions are for a minimum of 1 hour and go for however long you need. Medicare sessions last for 50 minutes.
Is there any lock-in period to my NDIS Contract?
No – we require no lock-in period. Do as much or as little therapy as you need, with only 1-hour minimum sessions. You decide when you want or need it. We will be there for you.
When will I start feeling better?

Individualised Therapy is important. We listen so you feel heard, understood and respected. Working on you feeling better as soon as possible is the goal, so we measure how you are improving and ask what is working best for you.

Do I need a referral or Mental Health care Plan?

To see us with Medicare Rebates, you will need your doctor to do a mental health care plan for you and fax us a referral (07 3102 6204). You are entitled to 10 sessions every calendar year through Medicare.

If you have any questions regarding this area, we would prefer to talk you through exactly what you need (0423 737 018).

Does my child have autism?
If you suspect your child has Autism, we are here to help you document the key markers and observations that are essential in preparation for your visit to health professionals for formal diagnosis.
How can I measure my level anxiety, stress or depression?
We have created a handy test for you to take is give you a general idea of how you are traveling right now. Taking a test probably tells you what you already know, but it is a good indicator for you and us to benchmark this for future reference. You can then book an appointment and follow the next steps so we can help you to lower the level of anxiety, stress or depression you have been dealing with.
You can then see the improvement you have made.

How we Target Relief

You help us get therapy right. Your feedback guides what conversation is being useful and how professional assistance and advice stays on target. We stay centred on listening to you and tracking progress until we get the outcomes you want. We’ve learnt it is really teamwork that makes for great therapy and counselling that brings much needed relief. We are a mobile NDIS registered provider serving the greater Ipswich region.