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conversations with owen

If something is anything, it ought to begin by being personal.


How do you want me to be here for you? Do you just need someone to talk to? I am here to listen. I can give you sound, helpful advice that will enable you to cope with whatever life may throw at you. I am an NDIS registered provider servicing the greater Ipswich area. And Elizabeth is a great receptionist too. Lean into hope. I have. You are not alone.

Find time for you

Relax. Refresh. Renew.

Take some time out for yourself with therapy at The Creek Escape, our creek side rainforest centre overlooking tranquil paddocks and winding creeks. Let the day wash off you as you take some time out for you to replenish, offload, reset and

What do you want to talk about?

Do you just need someone to talk to? We are here to listen. We can give you sound, helpful advice that will enable you to cope with whatever life may throw at you. We look at things from a wholistic perspective.

Handle Emotions

Everything is possible as there is nothing we cannot talk about. We can meet at our rainforest centre therapy rooms, at your home, a cafe, wherever you are comfortable. Strong support delivered the way you want, when you want it, or need it most.

Solution Focused

Because every person is different, having a different set of issues, we work with you to achieve outcomes that benefit you. We deal with each individual equipping you with skills and tools to navigate whatever life has had to throw at you.

Deeper Burdens

Keeping a secret or thoughts to ourselves can exact a heavy toll. One burden people carry with complex trauma is “Can you (the therapist) handle me?” The fear is will we abandon you. We will never do that. Our job is to walk through the fire with you so you are not alone.

How we Target Relief

You help us get therapy right. Your feedback guides what conversation is being useful and how professional assistance and advice stays on target. We stay centred on listening to you and tracking progress until we get the outcomes you want. We’ve learnt it is really teamwork that makes for great therapy and counselling that brings much needed relief. We are a mobile NDIS registered provider serving the greater Ipswich, Springfield and nearby Brisbane regions.