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NDIS Funded Therapy Just so you can feel better

Mobile NDIS Registered Psychological Therapy Treatment Provider
& Telehealth

“Just so you can feel better”

Awesome Autism

NDIS Funded Therapy for Awesome Kids

Is your child having Sensory, Behavioural, Emotional or Social Issues associated with Autism?
We help kids & parents understand autism as well as learn and develop ways
to cope with it better

Wellness Warriors

NDIS Funded Wellbeing Therapy in Ipswich

Would you like to handle life’s stressors better? Dealing with emotional wellbeing can feel like an extra job.

Anxiety, Depression & Stress are real.

If you’re not going as well as you’d like, see us now to get on track sooner!

Intellectual Disability

Registered NDIS counselling therapy for people who have an intellectual disability.

You have got what it takes. It’s you!

Owen Kessels - Ipswich Therapist

Owen Kessels

Founder & CEO

Hi, I’m Owen

Proud owner of The Creek Escape, dedicated to helping people on their NDIS journey.

With over 20 years of highly trained experience as a therapist, an accredited Mental Health Social Worker and of course, a registered NDIS Provider.
I have learned that therapy should be done with people not to people

I want you to feel heard, understood and respected like it is a conversation.

“May you find your awesome”

NDIS Funded Therapy – Just so you can feel better
Therapy & Services
I draw on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT as well as being a CBT Free Zone too for people where that simply has not been a good fit.

I also utilise:

  • ORS: Client-Based Routine Outcome Rating Scale
  • SRS: Session Rating Scale

Because it’s about doing what’s best for each person in each situation.

How Do I Target Relief?
What's Our Culture
Less is more. Working with participants is about relationship and relevance.
We do therapy with people, not to people.
We believe in their awesome.

Fundamental radical unconditional positive regard, that is prepared to give advice! Because we believe in their awesome. They decide. We provide options. I call it conversations with outcomes. It’s a two way street.

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NDIS lets the free market decide who is doing awesome therapy. It’s not who you think.

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Measurement Checklist Download

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The 3 Happiness Myths with Russ Harris


Intentional Dialogue Tip – Is now a good time to talk?


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A family therapist who speaks your language

Searching for your “awesome” but can’t find the time for you? Struggling to take that first step on the path to recovery? My name is Owen and I’m an NDIS funded therapist with specialised expertise in Autism and Bipolar Disorder. I help families, couples and kids address and overcome problems and issues, leading to positive outcomes.

It’s all about people, not agendas. Here at Owen Kessels our counselling for family services and therapies are grounded in teamwork, listening and working with you to achieve your goals. We offer support for individuals or groups dealing with a wide range of relationship and mental health issues by tailoring therapies to fit your needs. We believe that for effective familial therapy there is no one-size-fits-all solution.


What does a family therapist do?

As an NDIS funded family therapist, my main objective is to help people overcome difficulties within the family unit or in other relationships. I provide counselling for family members which focuses on replacing negative thoughts and emotions with positive, life-enriching ones. But most importantly, I’m dedicated to achieving positive results through consultation and teamwork!

The benefits of effective familial therapy and counselling are extensive and cover many difficult situations such as abuse, child behavioural issues, mental health issues, divorce, changed family dynamics, parental issues, PTSD etc. By developing coping skills and improving communication, families and couples are better able to deal with stressful issues.

The principal goals in family therapy are to:

  • open lines of communication
  • establish the free exchange of thoughts and emotions
  • overcome family hurdles and barriers
  • improve family dynamics and engagement
  • reverse negative patterns of behaviour
  • achieve positive outcomes

By working closely with families and individuals, identifying and building on their strengths, uncovering opportunities and adopting an inclusive team approach, together we can help you develop a plan and ultimately achieve your goals.

Expert, adaptive counselling for family and emotional wellbeing

Why should you choose me and my team? As a therapist with personal experience in mental health issues, I don’t just talk the talk…I walk the walk. Let’s take that walk together and achieve the emotional well-being you deserve.

Need to talk? We’re here to listen. Ask us about our unique Creek Escape or free gardening mornings. It’s time for you to shine…to find your awesome! Call us today on 0423 737 018 or contact us online and let’s put you on the path to recovery.