NDIS Funded Therapy
in Camira

NDIS Funded Therapy in Camira

We work with people of all ages counselling children from 5 years and up, adults, couples, and families. We specialize in 7 NDIS funded therapy areas in Camira. We have a mobile NDIS home visit service if you need or, if you want, come to our Therapy Centre for sessions there! We also serve  Medicare MHCP clients with convenient home counselling too.

How soon can you see me?

We usually have therapy appointments set aside Tuesday – Thursday for new clients so we can see you as soon as possible. We are now open from 10am through until 6pm. Please ask if you want counselling times outside this to get started with the help you need.

When will I start feeling better?

Individualised Therapy is important to have. We listen so you feel heard, understood and respected. Working on you feeling better as soon as possible is the goal, so we measure how you are improving and ask what is working best for you to really get the outcomes you want in counselling.

Mental Health in Camira

Would you like to handle life’s stressors better? Dealing with emotional well being can feel like an extra job. If you’re not going as well as you’d like, see us now to get on track sooner.

General Therapy in Camira

Do you just need someone to talk to? We are here to listen. We can give you sound, helpful advice that will enable you to cope with whatever life may throw at you.

Bipolar Coaching in Camira

Have you been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder? We are here to help you through the ups and downs of this mental illness, with tools and strategies to help you navigate life.

Autism in Camira

Is your child having behavioural issues assosciated with autism? We help kids and parents understand autism as well as learn and develop ways to cope with it better.

Couples Therapy in Camira

Living with another human being is difficult. We help couples deal with conflict as well as nurture appreciation and friendship for an enhanced, connected relationship.

Family Therapy in Camira

What constitutes a family in the 21st Century is very different from just 10 years ago. We help families to handle conflict better and develop harmonious relationships.

CHILD Therapy in Camira

Children often heal quickly. They may be troubled but have ability to bounce back with therapy. Helping your child in their early years allows them to adapt to challenges as they grow and mature.